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Part 3: Word Study Across Contexts

Word Study Across Contexts (Chapters 7 through 14),  presents stories and experiences of literacy leaders working to promote word study in a variety of educational settings.

Chapter 7 How Do You Help Teachers Strategically Support Emergent Bilinguals?

             Lori Helman & Anne C. Ittner

Chapter 12 Engaging Teachers of Adolescent Readers in Vocabulary-Focused Professional Learning

Madison Weary & Kevin Flanigan

Chapter 8 Support and Insight for Teachers of Young Children 
Laura Tortorelli & Annmarie Petrozzelli Spear

Chapter 14 Getting Administrators on Board
Alisa Simeral

End of Year Planning

Chapter 9 Expanding Possibilities for Multimodal Word Study Instruction Using a Design Thinking Approach

Maggie Struck & Elizabeth Weise

Chapter 10 Word Study with PreService Teachers

Hiawatha Smith & Amy Frederick

Chapter 11 Developing Professional Knowledge to Implement Word Study Interventions

Latisha Hayes

Chapter 13 Metalinguistic Journeys: Supporting Secondary Teachers with Academic Vocabulary Instruction Dianna Townsend & Rachel Knecht

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