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Part Two: Coaching Word Study Instruction

Coaching is a key ingredient to effective professional learning. In Part Two, authors share resources and tools for coaching word study instruction.

Chapter 3 Using the Word Study Classroom Observation Guide to Stimulate Professional Reflection and Growth 
Kristin M. Gehsmann

The Word Study Observation Guide is a one - of - a  kind resource! 

To access the Word Study Observation Guide,  order the book.

Male Teacher with Students

Chapter 4 Learning Huddles: Collaborating to Improve Word Study Instruction
Darl Kiernan & Kim Austin

This resource collection is designed for facilitators of professional learning, such as district coaches, principals, site-based coaches, and teacher leaders. The modules aim to prepare these facilitators to support teachers in improving Tier 1 instruction. Specifically, facilitators will learn to implement continuous improvement processes, guided by goals and data, and strengthen teacher collaboration.

word study protocols.JPG

Chapter 5 Literacy Coaching Approaches in Word Study Sarah Negrete, Treena Parker & Shari Dunn

Classmates in Library

Chapter 6 The Promise of Virtual Coaching for Professional Learning in Word Study and Beyond
Kristin Burger & Anna Jennerjohn

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